TanGenT RC Log All the crashes you could imagine


Great tools make a silly site like this possible, without which it would be entirely boring. Support these content creators and learn how awesome the web can be with an open source publishing platform!

Jekyll via github pages
Because obviously. One of the easiest ways these days to get a site running and future-proof with the ability to add a CNAME later

Lanyon http://lanyon.getpoole.com/
The Lanyon Jekyll theme built on Poole, which enables the snazzy look and responsive feel.

Prose.io http://prose.io/
An incredibly straightforward way to create content on a Github repo. A simple markdown editor makes it easy to create jekyll-ready pages and keeps my workflow simple.

Geojson.io http://geojson.io
Probably the easiest way to make notes-style maps. Quick snippets of geography are perfect for remembering where and when you crashed your quad.