TanGenT RC Log All the crashes you could imagine

Macdonald Park Fpv

Went to MacDonald Park in Medford to take out the Vortexes (vortices?). Having that much space to fly is SO much better - it’s easy enough to practice maneuvers in JP but to really get some velocity behind the turns you need more space. So cool seeing these things zipping around the field! Vortex vs. Vortex, who shall win?

Merlin (the pup) had a hard time until the drones were in the air - once they were up, he was too enthralled to be a bother :)

Flight Notes:

  • The yaw/roll sliding turn is a lot easier with speed, not to mention more of a slide. Moving at a slow clip horizontally is a lot more difficult to control, but having gotten a feel for what that means in real space (practicing Line-of-Sight) made the transition a lot easier.
  • If I get caught up in all the excitment, I sometimes forget which stick handles yaw vs. roll - not great when you need to recover
  • The camera mount gets a little loose over a number of runs, should pack a small hex key to tighten it up in the field
  • The mAh-consumed marker in the OSD is more useful than any of the other data points - knowing the voltage never drops below 9.5v is good to prevent deep-drawing the cells, but ultimately the mAh consumed provides a more reliable runtime measurement.
    • look into the accuracy of each measurements